Research Paper and Readership

I’m going to tell you about my idea this is that this is how I’m going to do it and then I’m going to give you some evidence to make you believe that the idea actually works in practice you’re going to explore some of the detail then I might tell you something about how my idea compares to other people’s approaches right this is a kind of storyline if you had you know if you were with somebody for now you might like tell them and I think this is something you might do in a blog post as well like that that narrative story it might also be might all be briefer than in a paper but the storyline might be similar does that does that make sense and it might and it makes sense in a personal conversation as well so how does this turn into into papers well once we’re talking about the medium of a paper. Learn how to work with your readership at Edusson.

So I’m now thinking mainly about sort of conference format you know 10 or 12 pages of fairly dense font but hidup like this applies equally well to a journal paper or even to a short form paper but the or even to a thesis actually but so here in the sort of size of a paper is what you what you get title you know abstract introduction introduction trying to fit the introduction on in the first page at least if you’re in a format that has a decent amount of text on the first page and then then you say something about what the problem is something about what your idea is so about evidence about why it’s good idea something about related work and then we’re and then you’re finished okay.

But the look at the visit the write the readership drops off pretty sharply of course I this is not data and just guess these numbers but some people are going to scan the content contents pages and maybe abstracts some people will read the introduction and by the time they finish the first page they’re making this mental decision shall I just move on to the next paper in this proceedings you’ve got to think of those readers right there there you’ve got to you know that you lose a factor of ten I reckon after page one that’s an important part of your strategy for writing a paper is what to do with page one okay so it’s my sort of general story I wanted a little bit about each of these parts so I want to start with the beginning introduction the introduction part what are we going to say in the introduction well and this is about contribution so here’s my to what I think introductions are good to be like to introduce the problem and to state what your contributions are and that’s all you can fit in the introduction I taught early Mumbai introduced the problem so I always try to introduce the problem with an example.