Introduction And Essay Structure

What the introduction needs to do is to indicate the general structure that the essay will follow and finally you need to present your thesis statement your introduction could run into two or three paragraphs but try and keep it as brief as possible now all that the introduction is doing is giving a preview on what is going to follow in the essay so the introduction starts from a very general broad perspective of the topic and works its way down to a specific thesis statements point you are trying to make in that easy let’s have a look at a practical example of an introduction this introduction has two sentences which set the context approximately 7 million Japanese over 30 percent of the country’s population are attempting to learn English language unfortunately problems with English language education in Japan inhibit the language learning process.

Now those two simple sentences set the context and tell us in a nutshell what the essay is going to be about the next thing the introduction should explain is the structure of the essay you might say something like this this is saying this to gates these problems and suggests how educators can make advantageous use of Japanese culture in the English language classroom this leads to discussion of changes required from the Minister of Education so in those two sentences you can see how the essays came to be structured and then the final part of your introduction is the thesis statement right let’s read this one all the limitations in resources post daunting challenges changes are needed in theory and in practice in order to beat to take the learning of English in Japan now to give up those three elements context structure and thesis statement formally introduction to your easy key questions you need to think about your planning your introduction law how can I lead my reading to the topic what is my essay going to do how much am i did a compare or madam a contrast and my baby explain or define.

And finally what point am I making about the topic what is my thesis statement the second part of USA is the body and this is the largest part this is where you put in the paragraphs which support your thesis statement you are for evidence you such facts statistics data research findings you might even appeal to Authority all this information will build your argument a good place to start organizing the body will be saying is with the key questions you wrote down at the beginning of the process remember the wh-questions look at the service questions and the underlying questions review those christians and arrange them in a plan with one question per paragraph now it’s always best to have a plan before you start writing you can make changes to the plan as you go along if you discover a bit away what if you want to change the focus of your argument.