Cohesion and Coherence in Essay

I’m going to talk to you about cohesion and coherence now for those of you taking the test the IELTS TOEFL etc this is very important for you to understand because this is one of those categories that you are being scored on part of your band part of your overall score depends on your ability to have good cohesion and coherence in your writing now for those of you not taking the test but who do need to learn how to write better in English this is also very important for you cohesion and coherence is what holds your writing together what makes it easy for the reader to understand and to follow your train of thought basically okay so we’re going to start by looking at these things what is cohesion first of all cohesion is what creates unity in your writing it basically links things together within a sentence sentence to sentence and then paragraph to paragraph. Learn more about essay coherence at Robotdon.

So basically everything has to stick together cohesion like another way of to think of cohesion is glue you take glue you stick things together and they bind and they basically work as one that is what cohesion is that is what you need to do in your writing as well coherence is a more general idea of clarity and balance basically all your ideas have to work together to create a unified whole of writing piece essay letter email report summary doesn’t matter what you’re writing all the ideas have to work together to create the big picture okay harmony flow logical progression these are all part of it basically you’re making your ideas connect without having to make the jump the reader jump from idea to idea if let’s think about a train right you have your tracks your rail tracks and if there’s a hole in the track the train derails so basically the line of thought the reader can’t follow it he or she will fall through that hole and how to climb back up and get back on the rail.

You don’t want this to happen you want the reader follow your train of thought from beginning to end okay now how do we do this what what do we do for cohesion what do we do for coherence before we even start on that it’s important to understand that cohesion creates coherence okay you’ll understand once we get into the tools of each one okay let’s start with cohesion okay cohesion what are the tools you’re going to use to create cohesion to basically link all your sentences all your ideas together in a way that’s easy to follow you’re going to use transition and licking linking words and phrases nevertheless or admittedly or that having said that etc so but what you’re doing is you’re connecting one idea with the next idea with this transition word or this linking word that shows the reader which way you’re going.